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Where Artist eVolution Stands Today

Artist eVolution LLCIf you’re reading this then perhaps you’re wondering what Artist eVolution is.  That’s something I’ve often wondered about too in my little company’s journey.  Of course, I have no idea how you came to the site or what has sparked your interest, but I’m glad you’re here!

My name is Andrew Hand, and I’m the creator and founder of this company.  As the name suggests, I’m very into the ideas of evolution and growth and not staying in one stagnant place for too long.  This philosophy has served to keep Ae ever moving as well and below is a brief history of where my company has been and a look into where I’d like it to go.

When I first created the idea of Artist eVolution, I envisioned it to be a community and education resource for musicians, like myself, who were trying to figure out the new music frontier.  I set about forming my LLC and had ideas bursting, but then times got tough, and so it became (out of necessity) my web-design business, and served to help keep me alive for a few lean years.

Most recently, Ae is the company behind my guitar teaching website and the various revenue streams that come in from lessons and courses I sell.

In these years of trying to actually find what I wanted Artist eVolution to be, it has also served double duty as my own record label, as I continue to release my music independently.

Today, all the “other” stuff and ideas I’ve had for Artist eVolution are either, no longer around, or have shrunk due to lack of interest in continuing to dedicate the hours to them, but it still remains the business for my music and music education wings.

Someday, perhaps, Ae will be much bigger and return to something more akin to what I first envisioned (A community of talented musicians committed to growth and exploration)…but until then, it’s just…well…what it is:  And that is an evolution of art…an Artist eVolution!