The training that's helped 4000+ students worldwide breakthrough

What Students Are Saying...

Brian G

10yrs of Frustration

I had no clue the difference that a GREAT teacher can make!

"Thanks again for everything you do and your willingness to help people like me express a part of our soul in a way that we didn't even know we could before."

Matt R

8yrs of Frustration

I could SEE the big picture and how it all fit together and it got me excited!

“Every now and then I would try to make progress...eventually I just gave up.
Finally, I found your lessons and the way you explained stuff just clicked for the first time ever.  My mind is blown at how much makes sense now.  I'm just glad I found you when I did before I gave up again!!!"

Music Made Easy Student Ben K
Ben K

Decades of Frustration

I would highly recommend this program!

“After the first few lessons I felt so comfortable that I started to implement what I was learning. With his support and expertise I am proud that I have made great progress in the past few months! I would highly recommend this program. Andrew is not an average instructor. I really believe you will find he teaches because he is interested in sharing his knowledge and experience with people like you and me!"

About Me, Andrew Hand

Andrew Hand is a musician and marketer who has been teaching for over a decade.  He's helped thousands of students across the world break through and find greater freedom and creative expression in their lives and is passionate about helping you to craft and deliver your unique message to the world.

A Few More Words...

Music Made Easy Student Carsten L
Carsten L

The Lightbulb Moment

This will inspire anybody!

“I feel as if I really matter to him and am not just one paying customer amongst many. Andrew is very personable and passionate about teaching and this passion will inspire anybody!"

Music Made Easy Student Heather B
Heather B

From Stuck to Transformed

I couldn't have found a better teacher!

"No matter what my mood is before sessions with Andrew, I always feel renewed by the end.  He is clear in his instruction, and inspiring. Each lesson is packed and I couldn’t have found a better teacher!"

Eric P

New Found Joy

I found your free video and half way through, I stopped watching and purchased.

A few days Later Eric Sent me this after going through some training...
“Hey there...just wanted to say I'm already finding success and I cannot wait to progress further."

So Is This Right for You?

To me there's really only one question that matters.  I could try to convince you with more glowing testimonials or tell you how this is going to change your life like it has for Matt R, Brian G, and so many others - but that doesn't matter.

What matters is do you feel confident in giving this a shot?  Do you feel comfortable with me?  Everything else is just noise.

So, be sure to go over this page thoroughly - get a feel for my vibe and read what my students have said.  Then, weigh that against how ready you are to make progress - because - if you're not ready, I can promise you this course won't serve you.

If you are ready, and you do like my style - then I guarantee you'll make phenomenal progress like all my other students who were ready - showed up - and did the work.

There is NO magic bullet.  There is just information and application that you've been missing.

To truly get results you only need 2 things...

Inspired Action and the Suspension of Disbelief.  Bring those two things and there is no way this program won't be worth it.

I'm looking forward to helping you break through.

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